Baby Milestone Cards

By January 15, 2019Education

What are baby milestone cards?

Baby milestone cards were new to me until quite recently.  I’ve played cards, and I certainly know about baby milestones.  I even wrote about them. Still, I didn’t know what baby milestone cards were until recently.  They’re a record of the first appearance of a new milestone.

It turns out that my wife had the idea to do something similar to milestone cards with our own kids.  We would write our child’s age on a slip of paper and put the slip in the scene we photographed.  Here’s my son Sam at one year.  1-yr-old with hand-lettered milestone cardHow do we know his age?  That’s his age on the slip of paper in the picture.  It’s by the wagon tire.

Actually, we were systematic and tried to take a photo with an age card every month.  We called them month-a-versary pictures.  I guess they were age cards.

Too bad we didn’t think of marketing fancier versions of milestone cards on Amazon.  If we had, we’d be rich.  Hmm…probably not.

Having a visual sign in a photo is a very good idea.  The first appearance of a new milestone reveals a new accomplishment.  And what parent doesn’t want a record of them?  Put Baby’s age in pictures and videos of your child displaying a new achievement.  You’ll be glad you did.

Create milestone cards from existing photos

Have baby a good picture with no age displayed?  No worries.  Just enter the date of the picture in our record form, which has links to online age calculators.  Use the photograph’s date and the calculator to get Baby’s age in weeks or months.  Then edit the picture to add Baby’s age to the photo’s caption or title.  Voila!  You have a milestone card.

Prepare for future milestones

Want to be ready for a yet-to-appear milestone?  Check out the milestone firsts for what you can expect in future months. The firsts tool will help if you want to create milestone cards.  It’s included with a Catalog subscription.  Learn about it here.