Kidtogeny Catalog: What is it and who cares?

It’s a great resource

The Kidtogeny Catalog is like an encyclopedia of baby milestones with an entry for each five dozen pre-walking milestones.
For example here’s a screenshot of the Droopy Supported Stand milestone.

image of example of entry from Kidtogeny Catalog

Written descriptions focus your attention

Each entry has a telegraphic written description of the milestone’s key features.  You can use the text to decide if the milestone has been reached.
I wrote the descriptions in simple descriptive everyday language so you won’t have to worry about technical terms.

Kidtogeny Catalog has multiple search tools

With so many milestones it can be hard to find a specific one.  You want to find a milestone with a specific name.  The age when a milestone appears may be your concern.  You may want to catch the first appearance of a milestone.  What milestones are relevant when Baby is on their tummy?

Here’s an example of  one of the search tool, Name List. It’s organized alphabetically, as the following excerpt shows:

Excerpt from the Kidtogeny Catalog Name List

Click on a name and you’ll go to the right page. Were you to click on the Droopy Supported Stand name you’d go to the Droopy page.

Catalog Basic or Catalog Plus

A handy comparison of the Basic and Plus options is here.