Don’t miss a milestone first

It’s easy to miss a milestone the first time it appears because babies aren’t like clocks. 6 pm arrives at the same time of day for all clocks, but babies aren’t so consistent. The age when babies reach a particular milestone varies tremendously. Because babies reach milestones at very different ages, it’s easy to miss a milestone.

Start watching early

It’s exciting to see the very first appearance of a milestone.  If you don’t want to miss one, there’s a simple solution. Start watching before most babies reach the milestone. But when is that?

The Don’t Miss tool suggests start month for each milestone. Begin watching during that month. You’ll be unlikely to miss the milestone.

Things to remember

  • It’s unlikely that your baby will display the milestone in the month listed.
  • Most babies won’t reach that milestone for weeks or even months later.
  • Milestones in some cases are fleeting and easily missed.
  • Some milestones don’t appear at all.  For example, a few babies skip hands-and-knees crawling.

Guide for when to start

Click on your baby’s age in months below.  That link will take you to a list milestones to begin watching for now.  As your baby gets older you can move on to the lists for older babies.

To use this Start Ages tool, you’ll need a Catalog Plus membership.

Under 1 month
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months and older

Birth to 1 month

Hand to Mouth while Back Lying
Raises Nose off Surface
Droopy Supported Stand
Looking Up on Back
Brief Head Lift on Stomach
Lifted-Head Supported Sit
Face Up with Arms at Sides
Weight Bearing Supported Stand

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1 to 2 months

3-Second Head Lift
Touching Hands while Back Lying
Head and Chest Lift
Self-Propped Sit
Weight Shift to One Arm
No-Lag Pull to Sit

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2 to 3 months

Hands to Knees
Chest Lift with Chin Tuck
Looking Up and Overhead
Leg Lifted Supported Stand
Momentary Sit

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3 to 4 months

Chest Lift with Straight Elbows
Arm-Propped Sit
Hands to Feet
Super Hero
Full-Torso Roll from Back to Front
Full-Torso Roll from Front to Back

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4 to 5 months

Reaching on Tummy
5-Second Sit
Sit with Weight Shifts
Sideways Pivot
Head-first Roll from Back to Front
Shoulder-First Front-to-Back Roll

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5 to 6 months

Stable Sit
Seated Turn to Reach
Body Raise on Hands and Knees
Elbow-Propped Side-Lying
Stationary Crawling Movement
Shift from Sit to Hands-and-Knees
Shift from Hands-and-Knees to Sit

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6 to 7 months

Pulls to Tip-Toe Stand
Hands-and-Knees Reach
Furniture-Supported Pull to Flat-Footed Stand
Pulls From Sit on to Tummy
Hands-and-Knees Rock and Creep
Swayback Crawl

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7 to 8 months

Furniture-Supported Stand and Turn
Half-Kneel with Hands Down
Flat-Back Crawl
Sitting Up with Several Leg Positions
Furniture-Supported Sideways Stepping
Furniture-Supported Controlled Lowering
Furniture-Supported Turning and Stepping

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8 months and later

10-Second Stand
First 5 Steps
Stand, Squat, and  Stand
Hands-and-Feet to Stand
Unaided Walking

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