Photo of baby rolling overCreate a History

Want a record of your baby’s development?  Are you taking lots of pictures and videos?  Of course you are! There’s another step that you can take.  Create a developmental history with a milestone recording form.  Read on to see how easy it is to do.

Record Dates

Start with this simple step: record the date when a milestone is first noticed.  A handy form for recording dates is available if you buy a Catalog Plus membership.  Plus membership includes a Record of Milestone Attainment form (see below).  The form can be downloaded and printed.  Keep it handy for writing down the date when you first see a milestone.

Here’s a part of a page from the Record:

Image of page from milestone recording form

A date when a milestone was reached always brings up the same question: How old was Baby when that happened?  You’ll want to convert the dates on the Form into ages.  You probably noticed that the Form has entry spots for ages.  Read on to learn how to easily make that conversion.

Calculate Ages

Calculating an age from a date is tedious to do manually.  It’s far easier to use the Cornell Age Calculator, which I illustrate below.  

Go to the Cornell website and enter a birth date (in month/day/year format) and a day of attainment. I’ve done this in the screenshot below. Then press Calculate to get the age in each of four age scales — years, months, weeks, or days.

screenshot of data entry

With the calculator, you can quickly convert many dates into ages.  Just change the Age at This Date entry and press Calculate.  Simple.  Incidentally, you can also use spreadsheets like Excel to do age calculations. I find the Cornell to be faster and easier.

Print the Recording Form

Have a Catalog Plus subscription?  If so, just go to the Record of Milestone Attainment page, click on the download button, print, and start recording.

No Catalog Plus subscription?.  Sign up here to get the Recording Form other Catalog Plus benefits.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy using the Record.  However, don’t annoy your friends and family by bragging too much about your baby’s accomplishments!