What’s a tag index?

photo of 6 paper tags

The Kidtogeny Catalog is a collection of digital pages, with one page for each milestone.  Because there are dozens of pages in the Catalog, it can be hard to find a particular milestone.  The Tag Index can help.

If you know how to use the index at the back of book, you know how to use a tag index.  Why?  Because a tag index is a digital version of a book’s index.

tag is equivalent to an index entry, usually a word or phrase.

The tag index is an alphabetical listing of the all the tags that are found on any page of the Catalog.


Like an entry in a book index, a tag can point to one or many pages.  At the same time, a page can be the destination for one or many tags.

For example in the textbook index excerpt below, the entry (tag) numerosity points to a single page, 275.  On the other hand, nutrition points to 6 destinations.  A particular destination, 275, is the target of two tags, numerosity and object permanence.

image of an excerpt from a book index

How to use the tag index

I’ve tagged each milestone in the Catalog.  For example, you can watch for some milestones when your baby is in a sitting posture.  The sit label tags these pages.

Catalog tags are organized in an alphabetic list shown below.  Click on one, and you will be taken to a list of all sit milestone pages.  Simple, eh?

Note that you can only see individual Catalog pages if you have a Catalog Basic or Catalog Plus membership.

The Catalog Index

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