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Baby Milestone Cards

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Have you heard about baby milestone cards?

baby milestone cards screenshot

I hadn’t until quite recently.  I certainly knew about milestones and babies (.  I’ve also played cards.  But I couldn’t put it all together.

It turns out that we used them with our own kids.  We called them month-iversery pictures: photos of them on their 1-month anniversary, or 2-month, or whatever it might be.  Basically, we wrote our baby’s age on a slip of paper and took a picture of baby beside it.1-yr-old with hand-lettered milestone card
Here are some examples.
These days, you can buy pre-made cards for this.
These are milestones for parents – moments you want to remember.
But what about milestones in a baby’s development? Every baby is unique, after all. They take things at their own pace

Why record baby milestones?

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Should you keep a record of baby milestones?

Isn’t recognizing a new milestone enough?  Why record it?  A record of baby milestones is important and valuable for several reasons.

standing without support item for record of baby milestones

The pleasure of spotting a milestone is fleeting.  A record of it is more lasting evidence of your baby’s developmental progress.

You will forget a lot about the blur of baby care.  Believe me.  A record of baby milestones will offset your failing memory.

A detailed milestone history can be a valuable part of your child’s health record.  It can flesh out the bare bones of a doctor’s record of infant development.

Lastly, a milestones record can make an amusing gift to the older child. It’s fun to remind your child of the strange creature they were as an infant.

You’ll have lots of questions.  What should I watch for?  When?  Which milestones occur when baby is on their back?  On their stomach?  What are the details of the Superhero milestone?

The Catalog tools will help answer the questions. The tools include a recording form and many more details than the names and drawings provide. Learn more here.