Can you trust Kidtogeny?

By October 11, 2018Education
image of locked bike

That’s an important and good question.  The answer is, Yes.  To see how I keep Kidtogeny trustworthy, keep reading.

I prevent eavesdropping

Messages between me and you are protected with a method called https.  Sites that use this secure method have an https (not http) at the beginning of their web address.  A green padlock icon by the address box is a sign of this method. Look at the address bar in your browser, and you should see something like the following examples.

image of https address in Chrome browser

Image of Firefox address bar for https site

That green padlock is important.  Watch for it.

Your information is protected

I take other security steps.  I host Kidtogeny on Google cloud servers located in the European Union. EU-based servers must meet strict data protection rules.  Also, Google operates on its own global network rather than on the public internet for transmission of information between data centers. This means your information is more secure when it travels across the internet.

Bad guys are tireless, so staying safe is an ongoing task.  I use a web security service that regularly scans Kidtogeny for web safety issues.  They notify me if any new threat appears.  If there is a threat, I immediately fix it.

You can trust me

I’m Warren Eaton, and Kidtogeny is my baby.  I may make a mistake, but I won’t intentionally mislead you.

For more about me, start here and check my academic resume.  I’ve worked as a developmental psychologist with the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba for over 40 years.  To check on my existence, call them at (204) 474-9338.  I’m who I say I am.  You’ll get accurate and useful developmental information from me and Kidtogeny.

Questions or comments?  Send me a message.