image of loupe as a metaphor for tools for monitoring babyBaby monitors don’t always require batteries

Experts use tools to do their work.  A jeweller uses a loupe to magnify their materials.

Parents, like jewellers, need to clearly see their work.  And what is parent’s work? Their child’s healthy development.

You can be a better parent if you can see how your precious masterpiece is doing.  Here are parent-friendly tools to bring your baby’s development into focus.


Swipe through a carousel of nearly 60 motor milestones that babies reach before they walk. Most of them are easily overlooked. ou won’t miss so many. Download and print the list for reference.


The Catalog builds on the Drawings listEach milestone has its own page in the Catalog.  A milestone’s page details what to watch for to recognize the milestone. Age grouping and posture lists are included. A one-time payment gives you ongoing access to the Catalog.

Size Matters

Baby growth is very rapid and very important.  Size reflects baby’s previous health and nutrition.  This is why doctors carefully measure your baby at office visits.  You can can do the same at home.  Use the techniques shown in the videos to measure three aspects of your baby’s size.

Round Head

Many babies are developing a flat spot on their head before 2 months of age!  Watch the Round Head video to learn how to keep your baby’s head nice and round.