How to Watch for so Many Firsts

Developmental progress -- Photo of baby study without support

Baby standing without support

If you’ve looked at the Illustrated List you know there are lots and lots of milestones in baby’s first 18 months.

It can be hard to keep track of them.  What should I watch for?  When?  What milestones happen when baby is on their back?  On their stomach?  What are the details of the Superhero milestone?  Want to keep a record of your baby’s milestone firsts?  If so, you’ll need more details than the names and drawings provide.  Find those details with Catalog tools.

What’s the Catalog?

It’s a digital book, with one page for each milestone.  Much like the List, but with many more details.  Milestone names and drawings are unchanged, but each page has an important addition — descriptive written details about that milestone’s key features. The description, together with the name and drawing will help you know exactly what to watch for.
The descriptions are written in every day language, and they focus on features you can plainly see. Here’s an example screenshot of one Catalog page.

image of web page showing infant milestone

How do I use the Catalog?

Catalog is only visible to visitors with a membership so you need to subscribe to one of two paid Catalog memberships.  Both memberships give you tools to help you you monitor your baby.  Other than the membership tools, all you need is your smartphone.

Catalog Basic membership features

With nearly 60 milestones to watch for, it can be hard to find a particular one.  In addition to written descriptions, Catalog Basic membership gives you a helpful search tool, the Name List.

Name List

Kidtogeny milestone names are parent-friendly, telegraphic, and descriptive.  You can often find the right Catalog page from the milestone’s name alone.

The Name List organizes milestone names alphabetically, and each name links to the milestone’s page.  For example, were you to click the Droopy Supported Stand name on the Name List (screenshot shown below), you’d go directly to the Droopy page (shown above).

excerpt from Name List with highlighted entry

Is Catalog Basic for you?

Want more detail than the List offers?  Would a name search tool be handy?  If so, the Catalog Basic membership would suit you.  Before you decide, though, consider Catalog Plus membership.  It offers additional features for slightly more money.

Catalog Plus features

Nothing is better than seeing your baby develop.  Reaching a milestone for the first time is a snapshot of an important change. Put those milestone snapshots together, and you have a great summary of your child’s development. Catalog Plus tools will help you monitor, recognize, and celebrate those milestone achievements.

Recording Form

The Recording Form will help you create a history of Baby’s firsts.  You can download the Form and print it for offline use. When you see a milestone for the first time, enter the date.  Then you can connect to a handy age calculator where arithmetic magic happens.  You can quickly to convert the date to an age and record and share it.

Image of Milestone Recording Form

Recording Form excerpt

Most importantly, the the Form’s items are organized in the order of likely milestone appearance.  That order will guide your attention to which milestones to watch for.

Don’t-Miss List

Knowing the likely order of milestone appearance is helpful, but when should you start watching for a particular milestone? The solution is to start watching before most babies reach the milestone.

Of course!  But when is that?  Fortunately, the Don’t-Miss List suggests a start month for each milestone. The Don’t-Miss List is organized by month.  When Baby turns 3 months old, review the milestones for 3 months on the Don’t-Miss tool.  Start watching for those milestones.

Remember, Baby is unlikely to reach those milestone in that month.  The Don’t-Miss List months are the recommended ones for when to start watching.  It’s a better-to-be-early-than-late list. Baby may not reach those milestones for weeks or even months.

Tag Index

Each milestone is tagged with several words or phrases.  You can see some at the bottom of the page for the Droopy Supported Stand milestone.  Each tag describes an important feature of the milestone.

The Tag Index is an alphabetical list of all tags. You use it like the index at the back of traditional book.  For example, clicking on the stand tag in the Tag Index will give you a list of all the Catalog milestones that involve the stand posture.

Catalog Plus Membership

You get unlimited access to Catalog materials. Visits to the pages require you to login with an email-address and password.

Monitoring your baby with them will:

  • give you a unique souvenir of your baby’s development;
  • be a testament to your baby’s progress and to your attentiveness;
  • reward you for your caregiving efforts; and
  • give you concrete updates to share with family and friends.

How to Sign Up

Unlimited access to the Catalog costs $59.  If you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded.