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Dozens of Milestones — How to Track Them?

There are nearly 60 milestones in baby’s first 18 months. See Kidtogeny’s Illustrated List for a summary of them.  You may want to keep a record of your baby’s milestone firsts.  If so, you’ll need more details than the List provides. Those details can be found on another Kidtogeny tool, the Catalog. To learn more about Catalog, read on.

Why Catalog Your Baby’s Milestones Firsts?

Nothing is better than seeing your baby develop.  Reaching a milestone for the first time is a snapshot of baby change. Put those milestone snapshots together, and you have a great summary of your child’s development.

Too bad that milestone firsts are easily missed and forgotten — unless you keep a record. Kidtogeny is here to help. The Catalog tool helps you create a catalog of milestone achievements.

Try it, and you’ll learn that a Catalog record:

  • gives you a unique souvenir of your baby’s development;
  • is a testament to your baby’s progress and to your attentiveness;
  • rewards you for your caregiving efforts;
  • gives you nice updates for sharing with family and friends.

To use the Catalog, all you need is:

  • to pay attention to your baby;
  • a mobile phone or a computer;
  • Catalog membership on

What’s a Catalog membership? 

A paid Catalog membership allows you to visit protected Kidtogeny pages.  Those pages have features described below.
You get 2-years of unlimited access to Catalog materials. Visits to the pages require you to login with an email-address and password.
The Catalog builds on the List, but with lots more details.  For example each milestone has its own page.  Milestone names and drawings are unchanged.
There’s a crucial addition — descriptive details of the milestone’s key features. Together with the drawing and name, the description focuses your attention on exactly what to watch for.  Here’s an image of Catalog page for a very early milestone.

Catalog Page Example 

image of web page showing infant milestone

But There’s More…

It can be hard to keep track of all those milestones.  You’ll have lots of questions:  What should I watch for?  When?  What milestones happen when baby is on their back?  On their stomach?  What are the details of the Superhero milestone?  How should I record milestone firsts?

Image of Milestone Recording Form

Recording Form excerpt

Never fear.  Catalog has some handy tracking tools.

Milestone Recording Form

The Recording Form will help you create a history of Baby’s firsts.  The Form can be downloaded and printed for offline use. It will also connect you to a handy age calculator.  Arithmetic magic happens there to convert dates to ages.

Most importantly, the the Form’s milestones are organized in the order of likely milestone appearance.  That organization guides your attention to features to watch.

Milestone Name List

When using the Recording Form form, you may want to review the details of a particular milestone.  Go to the Name List, which is alphabetically organized.  Click on its name, and you’ll be taken directly to its page.

Don’t Miss List

Knowing the order of milestone appearance is helpful, but when should you start watching for a particular milestone? The solution is to start watching before most babies reach the milestone.

Of course!  But when is that?  Fortunately, the Don’t Miss List suggests a start month for each milestone. The List is organized by month.  When Baby turns 3 months old, study the milestones for 3 months on the Don’t Miss tool.  Start watching for those milestones.

Remember, Baby is unlikely to reach those milestone in that month.  The Don’t Miss List months are the recommended ones for when to start watching.  It’s a better-to-be-early-than-late list. Baby may not reach those milestones for weeks or even months.


Tag Index

Each Kidtogeny milestone is tagged.  For example, the page for the Droopy Supported Stand milestone shown above that the following tags at the bottom of the page.


How to Sign Up

Unlimited access to the Catalog costs $59.  If you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded.