How to search for a milestone

photo of woman searching

Have you noticed something interesting about what your baby is doing?  Perhaps it’s a milestone in the Kidtogeny list. There are dozens. It can be hard to find the right one. How can you search for a milestone?

Searching by name, age, or browsing

You could scan milestone names in the Name List, but you may have forgotten the name. Some milestones have similar names, too.

You could use Baby’s age. The Don’t Miss List or the Illustrated List pages are organized by age.  Start by looking for a milestone your baby has reached. It gives you a starting point.  Then look at the nearby, unreached milestones for ideas about what to watch for. Remember, though, that the order of milestone appearance can differ from baby to baby.

Finally, you could read each milestone description. You’ll learn lots, but this browsing approach can be pretty time consuming.

Fortunately, there’s another strategy.

Searching with tags

Perhaps you’re wondering about a milestone related to related to your baby’s posture when being held under the arms.

A useful search approach uses tags.  A tag is a term or phrase that describes an item — a milestone in our case.  Each milestone has one or more associated tags. For example, the Droopy milestone page has several tags (see circled list on the screenshot below). The tags for Droopy are circled.  As you’ll see, one of them is when-held.

Using tags to find related milestones

Each tag associated with a milestone is linked to all the other milestone pages with the same tag.  For example, if you were to click on the month-0-start tag on the Droopy page, you would be taken to a summary of all milestones tagged with month-0-start .  Below is an excerpt of that summary.


Incidentally, the month-0-start tag refers to the age when you could start watching for the milestone.  For more on this feature see the Don’t Miss a Milestone page.

Using the Tag Index

Does the tag approach appeal to you?  With a Catalog Plus membership, you have access to the Kidtogeny Tag Index.  Tags for all milestones and blog entries will be included.

Here’s what the Index looks like at the date of this update.  A click on a tag will take you to a list of pages and posts tagged with that keyword.  Happy hunting.