Ever see your baby in any of these postures?

list of baby milestone drawings - 9 of nearly 60

Why you need a list of baby milestone drawings

The drawings show 9 pre-walking baby achievements. You’ve probably seen your baby reach one or more of them.  There are nearly 50 more that can you can see  — if you know what to watch for.  That’s why you need a list of baby milestone drawings.   It’s very satisfying to see your wee one master a new skill and the list will make you smile — repeatedly.

A printed list of milestones is very handy.  Keep it in that messy spot where all the important stuff ends up.  Then, when you see Baby do something new, consult the list of drawings to see if a new milestone has been reached.  Progress is exciting, and you’ll want to watch for other, unreached milestones.

How to get the full list of drawings

It’s easy and free to download a printable list in 2 easy steps:

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