Does Warren know about baby development?

Warren Eaton is my name, and I grew up in a small, western US town a long time ago.

I was fortunate to be educated in good public schools and two excellent universities, Stanford and Illinois. My four children and one grandchild have informally educated me (I’ve been raising kids for four decades!).

Warren Eaton and 2 kids, 2005

A favorite photo

I’ve retired after 38 years of teaching at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Here are more details about my academic career.

I studied and published about how babies differ. We needed help from many parents from around the world, so we tried this new thing called the internet.

We used web ads to invite parents to join our studies, and we simplified technical language.  Did it work?  Indeed!  Parents worldwide answered questions about their babies.  We learned a lot.

I want to share what we learned, so I created this website to provide parents with some useful online tools.

Welcome to Kidtogeny,


Warren Eaton, Founder

P.S.  Questions?  Comments?  I’d like to hear from you.