Why the name Kidtogeny?

By August 4, 2018Education

Why the name Kidtogeny?

The name Kidtogeny is odd and hard to spell, right?  What was I thinking?  Well, it’s not as crazy as it looks.

I created it from two other words, kid and ontogeny.

Kidtogeny name tag
Of course you know the word kid, but what’s the deal with ontogeny?  It’s defined as the development of an individual organism. Put the two together, and you have a unique word about kids’ development.

If you like math, Kidtogeny = Kid + (ontogeny – on).  It’s easy to pronounce when you know it’s kid + togeny because you know to break between d and t.

Why bother to create a new word?

I needed a unique address for my website, and no one had taken Kidtogeny.  I liked its uniqueness, and its additive meaning is just right.

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